Political Journalism

I don’t like to express too much of my political viewpoints, however, I do feel that it’s necessary to share a wonderful piece of political journalism.  Alter’s book The Promise was a great account of Barack Obama’s first year in the White House.  It revealed the daily challenges of fulfilling one’s promise to a nation and how change can be a slow process.  I found it to be as unbiased as possible (if there is such thing in political writing) and believe that any skeptic and critic of our generation should try and appreciate the problems that the White House is trying to overcome.The Promise by Jonathan Alter


The Open Space of Democracy

Terry Tempest Williams’ book The Open Space of Democracy was an excellent read.  It portrayed the great divide that shotty politics has driven the U.S. into.  It also reveals how just ordinary people can still change the world by focusing on taking care of home.  Her writing was bold and from the heart.  This was a short, yet inspiring read that I will forever keep on my bookshelf!